Bird Seed
Attracts the widest variety of colourful songbirds.


Premium Songbird Bird SeedPackaging: 2kg, 4kg Ziplock Bag, 8kg Top Fill Gusset Bag, 15kg Top Fill Handle on Bag
Mix: White Millet, Oil Sunflowers, Cracked Corn, Striped Sunflowers, Red Millet, Peanuts, Canary Seed
Agri-Tel Blend

Size Pack Pallet UPC LxWxH(case) LxWxH(pallet)
2kg 12/cs 28cs/p 776747132303 19.5x13x8.75 48x40x41
4kg 6/cs 28cs/p 776747132334 19.5x13x8.75 48x40x41
8kg   100/p 776747132358 48x40x50 48x40x50
15kg   50/p 776747142157 48x40x50 48x40x50

All packaging is code dated as product is produced.
Rotate all product to keep it fresh.
Our products are all natural, no artificial flavours, colors or preservatives and contain no grit or gravel.
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